Resources from Past Meetings

Presentation Topic Presenter Doc Type Meeting Date
Turning Your Images Into Art With Textures
Gerri Jones Video January 16, 2023
The Wonderful Things Printing Can Do For You And Your Images
John Paul Caponigro Video September 19, 2022
Bird Photography
Ronan Nicholson Video August 15, 2022
From RAW Capture to Publication
Brooks Jensen Video July 11, 2022
Digital Image Competition
Kenny McKeithen Video June 20, 2022
Intentional Camera Movement and In-Camera Multiple Exposures
Bill Ward Video June 6, 2022
Digital Image Critique
Dawn Willis Video May 16, 2022
Sports Photography Experience
Rick Cornell Video May 2, 2022
Black and White Photography
Cole Thompson Video April 18, 2022
Digital Print Competition
Melissa Southern Video April 4, 2022
How to Create a Magazine
Frank Clemmensen Video March 21, 2022
Compositing, Editing and Lighting
Simon Griffiths Video March 7, 2022
Digital Print Competition
Brian Fullington Video February 21, 2022
IR Photography
Fran DeRespinis PDF January 23, 2017
Infrared Photography Magic
Jamie Konarski Davidson PDF September 9, 2019
Biblio Resources Wabi Sabi
Fran DeRespinis PDF January 6, 2020
Organizing Your Photos, Part 1, DAM & Photo Organizers
Jim Lamb Video May 2, 2020
Organizing Your Photos, Part 2, DAM & Photo Organizers
Jim Lamb Video May 2, 2020
An Artistic Photographer Lies in All of Us
Lisa Langell Video July 20, 2020
Sister City Competition 2021
Kevin Lord Video January 1, 2021
Using a Luminosity Panels
Ed Gordon Video February 1, 2021
Images that come from Within by Al DaValle
Al DaValle Video March 1, 2021
Photos from Downunder by Giulio Saggin
Giulio Saggin Video March 11, 2021
Digital Artistry
Cheryl Parris Video April 9, 2021
Off the Wall - Alternatives to Galleries
Brooks Jensen Video May 3, 2021
Off the Wall - presentation slides
Brooks Jensen PDF May 3, 2021
Digital Image Competition with OPEN theme
Kenny McKeithan Video May 17, 2021
The Power of Personal Projects
Mary Presson Roberts Video June 7, 2021
Travel Photography
Denise Silva Video July 19, 2021
Nature Photography
Hector Astorga Video September 13, 2021
Show and Tell
Club Members Video September 20, 2021
2021 Annual Meeting
Capital City Camera Club Video December 6, 2021
Working with Textures and Gradients
Hazel Meredith Video January 3, 2022
Alternate Printing Methods
Diana Bloomfield Video January 17, 2022
Planning an Overseas Photography Trip
Jon Kolkin Video February 7, 2022