1. What is the purpose of CCCC?
    The Club is focused on educating its members in photographic skills and on creating opportunities to exercise those skills. We host about ten speakers per year, selected from amongst professional photographers or our most expert members. We conduct workshops and field shooting programs, and create volunteer photography projects to benefit local or North Carolina non-profit organizations. We conduct several print competitions or critiques each year.
  2. What is the skill level of the members?
    The Club is an organization of amateur and semi-pro photographers with various skill levels and interests. Some members exhibit and sell their work; some do commissioned work, while others are passionate about improving their family, event, or vacation photography.
  3. How many members are in the CCCC?
    The CCCC has more than 80 members, most of whom live in Wake County, North Carolina. Almost half of the members attend a typical meeting.
  4. What are the Club finances?
    The CCCC is a non-profit organization and simply tries to achieve income adequate to pay expenses. Calendar year dues are $60 per person or $90 per couple. Dues are pro-rated quarterly for the portion of the year that remains upon joining. The dues pay for rental of our meeting space at Abbotts Creek Community Center, honoraria for our speakers, and other expenses.
  5. What is the meeting format?
    We begin with a "social (half) hour” at 6:30 pm. We start our formal meeting at 7:00 pm with announcements, then move to the speaker or program, concluding at about 8:45 pm. Members are welcome to socialize after the meeting until 9:00 pm.