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2022 POM Themes
August Patterns A shot that shows one or multiple patterns, ie., cobble stones, windows, alternate colors, ...
September OPEN
October Headspace The amount of headroom that is considered aestheticlly pleasing is a dynamic quantity; it changes relative to how much of the frame is filled by the subject. Be creative with the amount of headspace you leave in the picture.
November OPEN

The Capital City Camera Club in Raleigh, NC,
is a social organization of amateur and semi-professional photographers.

The Capital City Camera Club is now alternating "In Person"" and "Virtual" meetings. The In Person meetings will be the first Monday of each month and the third Monday meeting will be online. View the club calendar on this website for more information. The venue for these In Person meetings will be Abbotts Creek Community Center in Raleigh. Details for connecting to the virtual meetings will be sent in email to all club members.

2021 Competition Winners

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